Frequently asked questions

Children lessons

  • What material for the child ?
Shoes in size with only 1 pair of socks.
Skis : Spatulas on the chin. Trust the professionals for adjustments.
No sticks at Club Piou-piou and until the 1st star.
The helmet is essential but not mandatory. 

  • How to dress my child ?
Warm, comfortable and waterproof jacket, overalls or hot combination. 
Mittens instead of finger gloves.
In case of bad weather, put a scarf around your child's neck.
Mask (in bad weather) or sunglasses (in good weather). Anti-UV index 3 minimum.

  • Can we attend the lessons ? 
Staying "hidden" to watch your child : it's human, your little one will know where you are faster than you think and this may trigger his tears or take away his desire to ski and have fun with his new friends ! 
We remain you that a discussion with the parents takes place every Wednesday, 15 minutes before the end of the lesson.
We have your mobile number (to give to our hostesses) and in case of problem or big grief we will contact you quickly. 

  • What else to think about ? 
Don't forget the sunscreen and go to the bathroom before class.
Up to the Snowflake level, you don't need sticks.
Remember to book your ski lessons in advance. We will be able to send you the course cards at your home and avoid waiting in your office. 


  • What equipment do you need for this lesson ? 
You must bring your snowboard equipment after checking that it is suitable as well as warm clothes.

  • I have never skied. Can I register to the snowboard lesson ? 
Yes. There are 2 totally different disciplines and it is possible to start in snowboard without ever having skied.

  • Do you need protection ?
Wearing a helmet is strongly recommended. For beginners, the protection of wrists and protective shorts are recommended.